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Dr. Luke was very personable and efficient as well as his assistant, and the office staff. His explanation was very thorough.”

- Everett H.

“Dr. Luke Bauserman and the staff provided excellent work in keeping my teeth in good health. Also really helped in treating my sleep apnea.”

- Ronnie L.

“I realize now that this problem was what killed my mother who went to be one night and had a massive stroke in her sleep. You may have saved me from the same fate and husband thanks you. No more snoring!”

- Linda M.

“I was diagnosed with sleep apnea years ago, but I could not tolerate the masks and nose pieces. This new oral appliance is a Godsend! I wake up feeling like I’ve actually slept. What a change! Even my fibromyalgia fog has lifted!”

- Connie J.

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