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Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may require sleep apnea treatment.

Are you constantly struggling with fatigue and lack of energy? Do you wake up frequently during the night feeling short of breath or gasping for air? Does your bed partner complain about you snoring?

Cutting-Edge Treatment at Better Sleep Mid-Ohio Valley: Your Dental Sleep Solution

Enter Better Sleep Mid-Ohio Valley, a specialized center for Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Our practice excels in Oral Appliance Therapy, offering a non-invasive alternative to conventional treatments like surgery or CPAP machines. Tailored oral appliances, adept at gently repositioning the jaw during sleep, effectively maintain an open airway, mitigating snoring and associated sleep apnea symptoms.

Better Sleep Mid-Ohio Valley works closely with your doctor, dentist, and other members of the medical/dental community to make sure that the most accurate diagnosis possible for your sleep apnea is made, and the most effective treatment is delivered.


A Gateway to Enhanced Sleep Quality in the Mid-Ohio Valley: Your Dental Health Matters

For those in the Mid-Ohio Valley seeking effective snoring and sleep apnea treatment with a focus on dental wellness, Better Sleep MOV stands as a premier solution. Our commitment extends beyond addressing symptoms; we aim to help patients attain the restful and rejuvenating sleep they deserve. Offering a streamlined alternative to cumbersome CPAP machines, Better Sleep MOV’s custom-made oral appliances provide a personalized dental solution. If you’re experiencing symptoms associated with sleep apnea and are located near Parkersburg, WV, taking the sleep quiz and scheduling a consultation at Better Sleep MOV could be the key to reclaiming the energy and vitality necessary for optimal dental health and a fulfilling life.

Comprehensive Sleep Solutions: Elevating Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment for Dental Wellness

Snoring, often dismissed as a mere inconvenience, may be indicative of a significant underlying sleep disorder—Sleep Apnea. This condition occurs when throat muscles intermittently fail to maintain an open airway during sleep, resulting in shallow breathing or temporary pauses. Despite its prevalence worldwide, a substantial number of individuals, especially those in middle age or older adults with excess weight, remain unaware of their condition.

The repercussions of untreated Sleep Apnea extend beyond disruptive daytime sleepiness. Individuals face an elevated risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. Additionally, snoring, a common symptom, can impact mental health, leading to irritability, difficulty concentrating, and even depression. The resultant daytime fatigue significantly hinders daily tasks and overall quality of life.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, you may be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. If you’re located near Parkersburg, WV, Better Sleep MOV is the solution you need. Contact us for more information or request a consultation today!

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If you’re ready to get the restful sleep you deserve, it’s time to speak to one of our sleep professionals. Our team will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that fits your specific needs. If you’re still unsure, take our short sleep quiz that identifies the most common sleep-related issues to see which ones you’ve experienced.

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