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Temporomandibular Joint Treatment

Jaw pain, clicking, or difficulty in opening and closing the mouth is a common condition that affects millions of people worldwide. While some may dismiss it as an annoyance, it can be a sign of something more serious: TMJ.

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Comprehensive Solutions for TMJ Disorder: Elevating Treatment for Jaw Health

You might have TMJD if you feel sensitive teeth, headaches, ear pain, or locking or clicking of the jaw joint (TMJ). Some TMJ sufferers experience incapacitating pain without understanding its cause. We advise you to visit our TMJ doctor in Parkersburg, West Virginia if you have TMJ issues for a thorough evaluation and TMJ disorder treatment.

A Gateway to Enhanced Jaw Health in the Mid-Ohio Valley: Your Dental Wellness Matters

Behind your jaw, in each temporomandibular joint, is a disc. Behind your jaw, on either side of your skull, there are two. As a buffer between the two, the (TMJ) disc rests between a ball and a socket. Your jaw is supported while it moves and functions by the temporomandibular joint.

Your jaw is supported by the temporomandibular joint as you chew, speak, and use the muscles in your mouth. Your pain may be coming from this location if it tightens up or if it’s somehow restricted.

TMJ problem is a chronic pain syndrome linked to temporomandibular joint dysfunction. TMJ issue frequently manifests as symptoms including persistent headaches, teeth grinding, face, and jaw pain. It is crucial for patients to see a dentist trained in treating TMJ disorders so that the proper tests may be done. Doctors frequently misdiagnose TMJ disorders.

The state of your smile and your quality of life may suffer if the TMJ issue is not treated. TMJ issue patients can receive a wide spectrum of TMJ treatment in West Virginia from our TMJ clinic in Parkersburg.

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Cutting-Edge TMJ Treatment at Better Smile Mid-Ohio Valley: Your Jaw Health Solution

Enter Better Smile Mid-Ohio Valley, a specialized center for TMJ treatment near Parkersburg, West Virginia. Our practice excels in providing personalized care for TMJ disorders, offering innovative therapies to alleviate symptoms and enhance jaw health. Tailored oral appliances, designed to address the unique needs of TMJ patients, aid in stabilizing the jaw and promoting proper function.

At Better Smile Mid-Ohio Valley, we prioritize personalized dental care, delivering custom-made oral appliances for optimal comfort and ease of use. A comprehensive assessment, including a TMJ-specific evaluation, guides our treatment approach. Our overarching goal is to not only manage symptoms but to improve overall jaw health, ensuring individuals experience relief and a restored quality of life.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, you may be suffering from TMJ. If you’re located near Parkersburg, WV, Better Sleep MOV is the solution you need. Contact us for more information or request a consultation today!

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